Container Ship Safety Forum

Launched in 2014, the Container Ship Safety Forum (CSSF) is a global
business-to-business network that improves safety performance and
management practices in the container shipping industry.


Container Ship Safety Forum

The shipping industry transports more than one third of the value of global trade, providing more than 4 million jobs, and faces a host of regulations and stakeholder expectations for safe operations.

Are you confident that your business has established the most effective safety management approaches? How does your company performance compare to peers’?



The Vision of Container Ship Safety Forum (CSSF) is a container shipping industry with high safety standards ensuring no harm is caused to people, ships, cargo and the environment.


CSSF members collaborate to advance the continuous improvement of safety culture and performance in the container shipping industry through measurement, reporting and benchmarking, sharing best practices and engaging with key stakeholders to develop durable solutions.

Anti Trust Statement

The policy of the CSSF and its Members is to conduct all of its activities in strict compliance with all applicable anti-trust and competition laws, in order to facilitate legitimate pro-competitive and other activities that help advance the objectives of the initiative. It is therefore against the policy of CSSF to sponsor, encourage or tolerate any discussion, communication, information sharing or agreement that would violate applicable anti-trust or competition laws.

Why Join

Why Join

This is the first time that leading container shipping companies have come together to drive performance improvements in safety.

Membership is open to companies or incorporated organizations that hold a Document of Compliance (DOC) for the purpose of managing cellular container vessels and for whom ownership and/or operation of container ship vessels for business purposes constitutes a significant business activity.

As a member of CSSF you will benefit from:

A platform to identify improvements in safety management systems
An opportunity to engage in the development of common safety standards,key performance indicators, and risk assessments
Access to predefined quality, health, safety, and environment (QHSE) performance indicators
Validation of company key performance indicators
A network of peers to exchange best practices and discuss challenges in operational safety and compliance


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The Container Ship Safety Forum e.V. is governed by the Member Meeting and by a member-elected Steering Committee. At present Aslak Ross (Head of Marine Standards at Fleet Management & Technology, Maersk Line A/S) and Petar Lolic (Director Marine Services at Seaspan Ship Management Ltd.) are Members of this Steering Committee.


Further, the CSSF has contracted a Secretariat for membership administration and strategic tasks. The Secretariat is operated by Claas-Heye Diekmann and Marc G. Schmidt of PCCG Point Conception Consulting GmbH located in Hamburg, Germany.


Both, the Steering Committee as well as the Secretariat can be contacted by using the form below or the email address mentioned.

CSSF Secretariat
PCCG Point Conception Consulting GmbH

+49 152 257 537 65


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